The Goddess Sage Bundles

Rose-Covered White Sage Smudge Bundle

Hand harvested and bundled just for you with agape love. Tied with cotton cord to securely hold your petals.

White Sage Smudge

White Sage (Salvia Apiana) is native to North America. This sacred herb is traditionally used among indigenous North American people in rituals, ceremonies and for purification, house blessings and cleansing. Each stick is 4 - 5" long, hand tied and super fresh!

ROSES: Sweet floral island aromatic Wild Rose flower petals. (Petals will continue to dry and shrink) The aromatic sedative qualities of floral rose petals from ancient times have been used for herbal purposes and is a natural antiseptic.

Just choose the number of these wonderfully scented, premium quality Californian White Sage Smudge sticks you need!

 Natural item so please allow for some variance from item to item.

”Sage smoke completely eliminates 94% of human and plant pathogenic bacteria in the air within confined spaces for 30 days” ~ National Botanical Research Institute

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