Obsidian Yoni Eggs


Clear away the spiritual fog to boldly connect and ground the base of your spine to the heart of mother earth, focusing on your root chakra with this lustrous volcanic glass. The Obsidian yoni egg is a strong tool in honing your inner vision so you can gain clarity and vividly see the next action step along your path. Step into your sacred feminine power with a shield that transforms any negative vibrations within and disperses the thoughts that arise against yourself.

Obsidian awakens clarity and opens up a direct connection to a sacred space, delivering you divine guidance to manifest better health. Use an Obsidian vaginal stone to electrify your kegel exercises and enjoy getting in touch with your intuition, while the polished smooth vaginal egg tightens your vaginal muscles.



  • Kegel enhancement
  • Heighten orgasmic sensations
  • Increase vaginal lubrication
  • Strengthen pelvic floor muscles
  • Awaken feminine energy


    Certified Obsidian

    MOHS Rating: 6

    Origin: Mexico


    Medium: 3cm X 4cm

    Each stone will have a black color tone, some with possible gold sheen.

    Corresponds to the Root Chakra
    Obsidian is one of the most powerful stones used for healing, blocking
    negativities and releases harbored emotions.


    Yoni eggs are intended for internal use inside the vagina to enhance kegel exercises by acting as a vaginal weight and creating resistance.

    Insert the yoni egg into the vagina with the larger end upward, begin using your vaginal muscles to grip and hug the yoni egg while you perform kegel exercises.

    Yoni eggs can also be used for meditative and spiritual practices.

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