Green Aventurine G-Spot Yoni Wand

Do you feel lucky? The skillfully carved curvatures of our green aventurine g-spot yoni wand know exactly how to caress every dimension activating your energy points. Nestled inside lay an abundance of highly sensitive pleasure point, our green aventurine crystal dildo knows exactly how to manipulate intense pressure emitting vibrant winning sensations.

Ergonomically shaped, this massage wand is dedicated to elevating sensations as you indulge in the calming vibrations of green aventurine. Make it a date for two or go solo, either way bliss will come from head to toe.

Journey into elusive inner pleasure as you open and balance your heart with a crystal sex toy or massage wand.


  • 100% natural organic crystal
  • Certified Green Aventurine
  • Sleek, silky, smooth
  • Curved to reach the erogenous zones
  • Holds warm / cold sensations
  • May use dry, wet or any glide infusion
  • infuses energetic vibes


    MOHS Rating: 7

    Origin: India

    Size: 4.75” long x .75” wide



    Each green aventurine will have a medium green color tone.

    Corresponds to the Heart Chakra

    Green aventurine is known for its luck and opportunity it brings, used to manifest wealth with a winning energy.



    Use the yoni wand to discover erotic reflexology by targeting pleasure points deep inside the yoni.

    Use the crystal dildo to stimulate the g-spot, clitoris or other vaginal areas.

    Use the crystal massage wands curved point to target pressure points.


    Return & Exchange Policy

    Due to the nature of this product I cannot accept any returns or exchanges